Our philosopy

We believe in creating more than just generic “background” music. We create “foreground” Opulent music the perfect radio station, tailored to your clientele. Your customers notice the music as soon as they step inside your store or listen via the web- and if they like it, they stay longer and spend more. That is our goal for your business.
We provide the platform that allows you to design your custom radio station with your customers in mind. We provide “opulent” music from top recording artists such as The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Matchbox 20, Lady GaGa, U2, and many more.
We create radio stations featuring a variety of genres. Whatever mood you want to create, from tranquil to trance party – we provide “opulent” music that your customers will appreciate. The Opulent Radio will work with you to create your ultimate radio station! The Opulent Radio gives you control over your music and messaging, directing customers to specific products and services, maximising your brand, footprint, sales, and profits.


Why you need licensed music

If you play copyrighted music in your store, you are obligated to pay licensing fees to the copyright holders. Performing rights, organizations such as SAMRO work hard to ensure that copyright holders are paid. Not paying royalties can result in a lawsuit for copyright infringement.
The Opulent Radio only provides licensed music, including all licensing costs in your monthly service. Therefore, you get a custom radio station and the peace of mind, knowing you will never be liable for copyright infringement.