Now meets Tomorrow

Human Takeover

The biggest worry as a business you might have is " what if my chatbot fails to answer customer questions?". Well we know this can happen a lot. A hybrid solution which can seamlessly shift conversations between users and customer support agent is what you need. 

Conversational Forms

Lead generation forms for chatbots. Introducing "Conversational forms". An intelligent way to collect information from users through chartbots Conversations.

Chatbot for Website

Customers don't like waiting, they need help. They need it right now. keeping people waiting for more than two hours to get the initial help means there is 90% Chance you are going to lose the customer. Which simply means. Churn goes up

Chatbot for facebook

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Retention. Meet revenue goals like you deserve. Is your business a victim of poor support, slow response time, high customer churn?

Chatbot for slack

Build Your Bot For Slack Would you like to have a virtual team member? The one that helps you manage tasks,guide new employees or improve office workflow? You can get yourself a slackbot today and boost your prodctivity

Chatbot for Education

Opubot Lets teachers around South Africa to teach their students online using Chatbots. Students can converse with the chatbot on a specific topic,learn that topic by text or images or just by watching a video. After learning a topic, students can take quizzes and submit their results to their respective teachers. Teaching with Chatbots has never been more easier.

Checkbox Plugin

Checkbox Plugin Integration Checkbox plugin works with any website in the world,including yours. Whenever Someone checks this plugin it becomes your audience, to whom you can send instant welcome message on Facebook through your brand's Facebook page and also anytime in future whenever you have new alerts or updates for him.

Get Leads With Comments

This feature provides you a way to connect your business to your likely customers. With this feature you can rely your post comments with private message on messenger. This allows to give immediate support to your customers and create leads with it.

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