How does this work?

As your chatbot starts to engage with your audience it is fully reliant on certain key words and phrases. When your visitor wants to have a lengthy discussion the Bot hands over to a human to ensure a clear communication channel.

Not online? We got you covered?

You don't have the budget for a call centre agent 24/7, no worries ! Opubot comes with a range of integrated forms to ensure your cllient gets to leave a message for you to make contact as soon as you are back online.

Saving time is money!

Getting a balance between time and hard earned money can be tricky! If you cannot afford 5 agents to manage your extremely busy e-commerce website. Get onboard we have agents that can help. The only difference is that one support agent and your bot can manage in future.

Getting Started

Taking your business to the next level should be effortless. At the Opulent we help you with the basic setup on us “Mahala” (Free) Complete our contact form and will get a sales consultant to help you get started. 

Do You Want To Boost Your Business?

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