The Opulent Radio is a customized radio station that will up-sell and promote specific products and services within your stores. Our services are an investment that quickly show returns through increased sales and productivity.

Yes. The Opulent Radio represents your company and covers all the music rights required and fees payable to SAMRO for your radio station.

No. An internet connection is the only requirement. Rates vary based on number of locations and your production needs.

Yes “we” can. Through collaboration and collective effort, we will assist you in creating your “Opulent” Radio Station! In consultation, we create the exact atmosphere you have in mind. The tempo of the station can be customized by the hour if desired.

The Opulent Radio does charge our customers for writing the copy or producing the messaging that will play between songs. Our creative team creates in-house messages that may include branding, specials, upcoming events, charity affiliations, services, etc. However, should you choose to utilise the services of our professional voice-over artists or external advertisers, additional fees are charged.

No! Each location may run different messages tailored to their location. Unique music playlists may also be developed for different locations. For example, a location in Cape Town could play contemporary rock, while a location in Pretoria plays hits from the 80’s and 90’s. Your Account Specialist will work with you to develop the right music for your business.

Internet connectivity is dependent on your internet
services provider. The Opulent Radio makes use of remote servers, ensuring 95% connectivity.

Contact an Opulent Republic associate by emailing The Opulent Radio is perfect for use in stores, restaurants, malls, spas, hotels, and more! This is the
business music solution you have been looking for!