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Cashless solution proposal

What is e-wallet about?

We are a group of professionals working together with our main emphasis; to deliver a complete switching solution by implementing our innovative ideas into action and help connect people through disruptive innovation. Our methodology and approach We believe that proper planning and documentation form the basis of any project big or small. Our dedicated team will therefore be involved from the initial planning phase all the way through successful implementation. Data tells you what’s happening—stories tell you why. Put them together and great change is possible. Training, support and complete synergy between our team, affiliates and our clients are vital to our approach.


What is cashless? Advantages of going cashless e Wallet features - Cash In - Cash Out - Payments - Prepaid VISA Card - Private NFC Card - Multi Wallet - Reporting Controlled Spend Wallet Types API’s Merchants - POS - Ecommerce - Integrated Stock Management

What is cashless

Being Cashless in an economic measure is not a new concept.
It has been around for ages and is practiced already worldwide with the use of bank cards. Recently, with the growth of technological advances, it has become more of a reality for current world applications that goes beyond even bank cards and which proposes cash trade in a new way with digital forms of money. When talks of a cashless environment starts the actual inference is towards financial transactions that are not conducted with money in the form of physical banknotes or coins, but rather through the transfer of digital information (usually an electronic representation of money) between participating transacting parties.

Advantages of going cashless

Some of the most important advantages of a cashless environment would be the ever-present crime element and although very important in personal safety this is not the most important part of a Cashless society.
Cost Reduction – Less people and physical structures i.e. banks, are required which means less costs on transacting and putting the saving on the consumer as well as the business owner. Risk Reduction – Lost or stolen monies will be reduced. Even loss of bank cards can easily be blocked from within a mobile application. Convenience – The ease of conducting financial transactions. Transaction Speed – time when buying, selling and presenting payment can increase up to 15% and will increase even more with advances in technology.

E-Wallet features

EFT - Transfer from any bank account to ABSA Bank Account ATM - Card-less deposit at any ABSA ATM Branch deposits - Cash deposit at any ABSA Branch Payment requests - Send payment requests via email, SMS or any social media platform to the person whom payment is requested from Apply payment request rules Requested amount must match A “Tip” may be added to amount (e.g. Restaurants) Any amount may be paid

Cash In

Online payments at participating merchants POS payments at participating merchants Person 2 Person payments Pay to cellphone NFC Card payments VISA card payments Pre-defined merchant payments Pre-defined account payments

E-Wallet features (continue…2)

Cash Out

Cash Out To ATM via Prepaid VISA Card - To any Bank Account

E-Wallet features (continue…3)


Online payments at participating merchants POS payments at participating merchants Person 2 Person payments Pay to cellphone NFC Card payments VISA card payments Pre-defined merchant payments Pre-defined account payments

E-Wallet features (continue…4)

Prepaid VISA and NFC Cards

PREPAID VISA CARD Co-branded chip and pin VISA Prepaid card KYC Rules apply below FICA limit R25 000/month, R5000 daily swipe limit and R2000 cash withdrawal per day PRIVATE NFC CARD Attach new or any existing NFC enabled card to any wallet that allows card payments Pin protection and NFC payment limits set by user

E-Wallet features (continue…5)

Multi wallet and reporting

MULTI WALLET Have multiple wallets from separate closed loop systems all in one with the ability to transfer funds between wallets Wallet restrictions may apply as set by individual closed loop systems REPORTING Itemised transactional reporting by wallet

Controlled Spend

Single and multi merchant transactions Person 2 person transactions Custom wallet limitations Inter wallet transactions (Y/N) Merchant payments (Y/N) Selective merchant payments (Y/N) Cash out to any bank account (Y/N) Cash out to any pre-defined bank accounts only (Y/N) Join Stokvel wallet (Y/N) Publicly exposed wallet (Y/N) Purchase Prepaid airtime and/or data (Y/N) Purchase Prepaid electricity/water (Y/N) Purchase Lotto tickets (Y/N) Sub-wallet with individual rules Automated pre-loaded account payments on behalf of wallet owner Wallet locked to specific categories of purchases at pre-defined merchants

Wallet Types (continue…2)

Informal merchant and private wallets

INFORMAL MERCHANT WALLET Used by informal traders to accept payment Cash out transactions are limited to below FICA requirements No merchant acquiring fees on wallet payments Accept debit and credit cards directly into wallet Make payments to pre-defined bank accounts of recognized suppliers PRIVATE NFC CARD Wallet by invitation only Rules defined by institution

Wallet Types (continue…3)

Closed loop and controlled wallets

CLOSED LOOP WALLET Publicly available to any organization with an offering to members CONTROLLED WALLET Accept payments on behalf of company for any service rendered on site Company in total control of the funds within the wallet

Wallet Types

My wallet and Stokvel

MY WALLET Open wallet where you can access the funds freely Use many at any participating merchant In-wallet purchases Cash out restrictions still apply as per KYC rules Cash out at any ATM STOKVEL Create in-app Stokvel wallet with pre-defined rules and invite friends, colleagues or members of your group Automated Stokvel payments made in-app


Custom API’s available (TBQ) Merchant API’s available Wallet API’s available


POS, Ecommerce and Integrated Stock Management

POS (POINT OF SALE) Proprietary QR Code payment acceptance NFC (Tap-and-Go) payments Ecommerce Card acceptance (MASTER and VISA) debit and credit cards ECOMMERCE Online QR Code payment acceptance MASTER and VISA debit and credit cards acceptance ISM (INTEGRATED STOCK MANAGEMENT) Canteen POS integrated stock management Stock taking Multi store functionality Inter store stock transfer

Cashless by e-Wallet (continue…2)

Our Cashless System was developed with years of experience in the transacting environment and is a product of thoughtful processes from top level to ground level.

Within this system we offer:

1. A Closed and/or Open loop system 2. Controlled Spend a. Only allow certain amounts to be spend at certain businesses 3. A mobile application (wallet) a. Payment module of i. Person to Person (P2P) and ii. Person to Merchant (P2M) b. Consumer can manage spend c. Reporting on spending and many other features

Cashless by BillBe-e

4. NO TRUST transacting a. Where the Business owner is concerned about the authenticity of the sale, a NO TRUST transaction is implemented whereby the business owner can request additional authentication during the transaction and vice versa 5. Contactless Visa bank cards a. White label branded opportunities etc. 6. Transfer of funds from ‘wallet’ onto Visa Card for a. ATM withdrawals and b. inclusion of non-participating businesses thus accommodating the consumer 7. Easy loading of funds onto your application wallet 8. Cost effective Point of Sale (POS) devices (banking terminals) a. For business owners to assist with a 360˚ solution where payments can be received b. With highly competitive pricing models

Switching by BillBe-e (continue…2)

A new leader in the payments industry. Switch is a Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) and Payment System Stakeholder Forum (PSSF) Registered System operator with PCI DSS Compliance which enables us to Acquire Card Transactions. As such we offer NAEDO, RTC and other payment stream services as in the usual case offered to businesses. In addition, we are also supplying Privately branded prepaid VISA cards to our clients. By combining solutions, we have created several client friendly applications and solutions that offers our clients the ability to do financial transactions at no cost to the consumer, pay bills, purchase prepaid airtime and electricity and many more.

Switching by e-Wallet

Our VAS services include: • Loyalty platforms • All Networks Airtime • All Municipalities electricity • LOTTO • Bill Payments • Bulk SMS Solutions Our high-performance platform has standardized API’s We offer APIs for online (e-commerce), mobile, P2P, P2M transactions to enable business to accept payments of any type. • Guaranteed end-to-end transaction processing • All transactions are processed in real-time • White label integration • Enables funds distribution to targeted individuals • Crypto currencies

Thank you!!

The ability to go cashless is possible when partnering with Switch and need not be a long process. Protecting your growth and caring for those participating in the growth of your business is what matters to us.