How Opubot can change your business problems

You want to offer faster support

Your customers live in a world today of instant gratification,  30 secondsof waiting after an online chat “Hello” can cost you a very potential client. 

Do customers come to your website but no sales?

How many times have you thought that you built this amazing sales page but you are just not meeting those most important revenue goals? Opubot is the future technology to service your customers on all platforms to increasing retention and satisfaction.

Don't you hate waiting in long cueues?

You have this amazing product online but just can’t get to all the customers at the same time! Opubot gives you a call centre agent 24/7 365 days in a year, So if you have a 1000 customers online at the same time he will to them all to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Language limitations?

Yip this amazing product again but going international will never work because how do I cross the language barrier? Don’t contract 10 different call centre agents because of language limitations, we can help!

Call Centre support so 1960's?

Just a huge expense with no return on investment and if you need to support your product or services 24/7, why not opt in for an agent that never sleeps?

Best practise generating your new business leads

You have a great campaign and you are linked to the best sales page EVER !! You generated the lead allow your AI Chatbot up sell or close the deal for you. 

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Be the expert in your field with innovative online marketing ideas giving you the competitive edge. It has never been easier getting your message out there but getting your future clients to listen is a whole new adventure