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Website Optimisation

How to get more Out Of Your Website

Learn how you can get more out of your website by just changing these few things

Stop Making it hard for customers to buy from you!

Most of your customers will come to your website for two reasons, to get an address or directions, or to get a phone number. Making sure these are easy to find is absolutely key.

Phone Number

When ever possible, I always recommend a phone number at the top of your website. Especially when people visit from cell phones, having that front and center is key.

This doesn’t always work. For example, if you have multiple locations, unless you have a main number, you might need to have each locations phone number on the locations page. It should still be easy to find.

Contact Form or Email

I always recommend having a contact page with multiple ways of contacting your company including phone numbers, contact forms, email addresses and even social media if you handle customer service on those platforms.

Never make it hard for your customers to contact you.

Make your Site mobile friendlier

There are a few things that are easily fixable if your website is not mobile friendly. Some are easy, some are not. Let’s concentrate on the easy ones.


Raw images sent directly from your camera or mobile phone are huge. If your designer hasn’t optimised the images, at the very least, run them through something like to help bring the size down.

Our images run through multiple processes to bring them down in size.


If your designer put a background video on your page, consider getting rid of it. Not only do phones not play background videos, they actually are a poor customer experience. Yes, it looks awesome, but is your website supposed to look awesome, or convert customers?

Mobile on Different Domains

To often I see mobile sites offloaded to a sub domain (i.e. or even worse, to a duda mobile site. Both from a consistency and SEO perspective, having your mobile site on the same domain is key. If you are on word press, consider a mobile plugin like WP TOUCH .

What if I can’t do any of this?

If you can’t make changes, you are running things like flash, I would recommend looking at a site refresh. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Make your website faster!

Website speed is one of those things that gets overlooked when a new site is created. Many modern websites are heavy with code which slows them down. Ideally, your website should load in less than 3 seconds. If it is not, here is how you can fix it.

Website Hosting

The company that runs your website in the background (the website hosting company) can make a big difference in speed. If you are using a company like GoDaddy or Blue host, the quicker you get your websites off of them the better.

If you are using wordpress, I recommend the following company. They are not cheap, but they are extremely fast.


If you don’t run wordpress or your budget is tighter, then I recommend a company I have used for years.


If you need help transitioning, I can help.

Speed Optimisation

We already discussed pictures in mobile ready. Reducing their size will also help make your website load faster. But, if you can add some type of caching to your website, it normally can give you an extra second of speed.

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